A hand spraying air freshener in an interior space.

Feather Dusters are the Best Way
to Remove Dust

While many people believe that feather dusters are the best option for removing dust (after all, that’s what they’re designed for, right?), this is actually not true. Dusters don’t absorb dust, instead they just move it around. That means that a lot of that dust will just be unsettled and swept into the air and end up landing on a different surface than the one you removed it from. A better solution for dust is to wipe down surfaces with a microfibre cloth. The microfibre will absorb dust so you can pick it up and remove it, not just displace it. 

Air Fresheners Clean the Air

Because air fresheners get rid of unpleasant odours, the assumption is that they clean the air. Actually, air fresheners contribute to poor air quality. Air freshener sprays are full of chemicals that, while they may smell nice, just mask odours and send more toxins into the air. If you want to scent a space without decreasing the air quality, opt for a diffuser and use pure essential oils. Try to open windows/doors and get as much fresh air into your space as possible to improve indoor air quality.

Newspaper is a Great Tool
for Cleaning Windows

This used to be true, but modern newspapers are made of weaker material than they used to be and it will fall apart if you use it to clean your windows, making it difficult to get a streak-free shine. Opt for a microfibre cloth instead.

Hairspray Removes Ink Stains

When you get ink on a carpet or couch, do you reach for hairspray? Don’t! Hairspray can be somewhat effective in removing ink, but it’s also likely to make a stain of its own. Instead, use isopropyl alcohol. Apply the alcohol to the ink stain and gently dab (don’t rub) the area to lift up and remove the ink.

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