Common Cleaning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

two bottles of cleaner, a sponge, rubber gloves, and a white basin.

Over the past few months, we’ve learned on a global level the importance of proper cleanliness for safety. Here are a few common cleaning mistakes and how to prevent them.

Scrubbing Carpets

Scrubbing your carpet can damage the fibres and leave you with a spot where the texture is different from the rest of the carpet, which isn’t really any different than having a stain there. Instead of scrubbing hard when you spill something on your carpet, start by blotting it gently with a paper towel and then use a stain remover to treat the area.

Not Testing Your Stain Remover

Speaking of stain remover, make sure that you don’t end up causing a stain with it. Yup, it happens! If you’re using a stain remover on a surface you’ve never tried it on before, always test a small amount of it in an area that isn’t visible (a bit of carpet that is under a couch, for example) to make sure that it doesn’t cause any discolouration. 

Mixing Cleaning Products

We can’t state this enough. Do not combine your cleaning products. Just don’t. Not only can a mixture of different cleaning products cause damages to the surfaces you’re trying to clean, it can let off fumes that cause painful rashes and other health problems.

Using a Rag for Dusting

When it comes to dry dusting, always opt for a microfibre cloth instead of just any old rag. The texture of regular household cloths can easily scratch surfaces, while microfibre will pick up dust more effectively and keep your surfaces safe and smooth.

Spraying Cleaner onto Surfaces

Many people spray their cleaning solution directly onto surfaces when cleaning, but this often results in buildup that is difficult to remove. Instead, the best way to clean surfaces is to spray your cleaner onto a microfibre cloth and then wipe down surfaces with the cloth.

Not Cleaning Regularly

The biggest mistake you can make? Letting your cleaning routine slide. Frequent cleaning is essential to providing a safe, sanitary environment for employees, customers, and anyone else who comes into your commercial space.

Hire a reliable cleaning company to ensure that your facility is regularly and thoroughly sanitized.


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