Common Cleaning Mistakes That Make Things Worse

A feather duster dusting the top of a curtain.

Are you making these common cleaning mistakes?

Using a Feather Duster

People often assume that feather dusters are the best dusting tool because they are specifically made for dusting, but they are actually not very effective. A feather duster just moves the dirt around and stirs up dust particles into the air. Microfibre cloths are more effective for dusting because they act like a magnet and actually pick up and remove the dust.

Cleaning Rust Stains with Bleach

It may seem like a good idea to take a little bleach to those pesky rust stains, but actually bleach reacts with rust, causing it to oxidize and stain even more. Avoid bleach and opt for a gentle, natural cleaner or simple white vinegar to get rid of rust stains instead.

Using the Same Cloth on Every Surface

Change up your microfibre cloths as you move from surface to surface. You don’t want to be using the same cloth that you just used to wipe down the toilet seat on the kitchen counters in the break room. Using the same cloth to clean one surface that you just used on another can transfer germs picked up on the first surface to the second one. A good general rule is to switch to a new cloth when you start cleaning a new room. When you’re cleaning a particularly grimy or germ-heavy surface, such as a toilet, just use that cloth once before tossing it into the washing machine.

Washing Windows Without Dusting Them

Many people will jump right into washing windows without dusting them first, but this is a big mistake! Always dry dust your windows before spraying cleaning liquid on them. If you get a dusty window pane wet, you’ll find yourself just pushing dirt around on the window and not being able to get a clear, streak-free shine.

Cleaning Bottom to Top

Do you ever clean every surface in a room only to feel like some of those surfaces are dusty again immediately? This is common if you’re not being mindful of the order in which you clean your surfaces. If you begin by cleaning lower surfaces and then clean higher shelves or tables, the dust that you disrupt from cleaning the higher surface will often settle on the lower surfaces that you just cleaned. For more effective cleaning, begin with the highest surfaces in a room and work your way down.

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