The Hazards of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

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Wondering if your cleaning products are safe? Here’s what you need to know about chemical cleaners.

Safety Risks

The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning product is its safety. Cleaning is meant to create a safer environment, not create hazards, so your cleaning products need to be safe and non-toxic as well as effective to ensure that they are doing their job properly.


The chemicals present in many cleaning products can cause headaches and/or irritation of the eyes and throat. Those who have respiratory problems or are prone to headaches should avoid using chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners can also pose a serious health risk to pets and children.

Combining Cleaning Products

If you combine cleaning products that contain chemicals or use multiple different chemical cleaning products in close proximity in the same space, the chemicals in the products can react and produce dangerous fumes which may cause skin rashes, respiratory problems, and nausea.

Damage to Surfaces

In addition to safety concerns, chemical cleaning products can also pose a risk to your property! Chemical cleaners can be acidic, caustic, and abrasive and may cause damage to certain surfaces. This could result in discolouration, scratches, and wearing away of certain materials. Make sure that you only use cleaning products that are safe for the specific surfaces that you will be cleaning.

Choose Green Cleaners

The best way to avoid the hazards of chemical cleaners is to opt for non-toxic cleaners with natural ingredients. At Anago of Vancouver, our cleaning teams only use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products in order to ensure a safe workplace and prevent damage.

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