Factors to Consider When Coming Up with a Cleaning Plan

A janitor in a green jumpsuit mopping the floor of an office.

In order to come up with the right cleaning plan for you, take some time to think about these factors before you hire a commercial cleaner.



Depending on the type of business you run, the optimal schedule for your cleaning service will be different. For example, early morning or late-night cleaning may be preferable so that the cleaners do not distract or disrupt staff and/or customers. However, some establishments may be open at night and not during the day, in which case it’s best to book cleaning in the afternoon. Whatever your preferred schedule, Anago of Vancouver’s cleaning teams will work around it to ensure that your cleaning gets done when you need it, without getting in the way of anything.



How often do you want your facility to be cleaned? Daily? Weekly? Do you just want a one-time deep clean done for now? Anago’s franchisees are very flexible in terms of cleaning frequency, so it is a good idea to think about what your particular space requires and request your cleaning frequency accordingly. If you are unsure how often your commercial space should be cleaned, our franchisees are happy to give their expert recommendation.



Anago of Vancouver works with companies of all sizes, which means budgets of all sizes. Our franchisees understand that everyone has a different amount of money that they can allocate to cleaning and are happy to work within your budget to come up with a cleaning plan that works for you. Think about how much you are able to put towards your cleaning budget before meeting with a cleaner so that you have a number in mind and can come up with a custom plan that fits your financial needs as well as your cleaning needs.


Cleaning Priorities

Before talking to your cleaning company to come up with a cleaning plan, you should take some time on your own to think about what your highest priorities are in terms of cleaning in your facility. What are the areas that absolutely need to be included in your professional cleaning plan? Floors and rugs? High-touch surfaces? Is there anything that is less important? Thinking this over and having a clear idea of your priorities makes it easier to come up with a cleaning plan that fits both your needs and your budget.

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