How to Come Up with a Cleaning Plan

Here are some simple tips to ensure that you come up with a custom cleaning plan that’s right for your commercial space.

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Set a Realistic Budget

Before meeting with your cleaning team, take a look at your budget and determine exactly how much you can allot to your commercial cleaning services. Be realistic and know exactly how much you want to spend and whether there is wiggle room to go a little higher or not.

Communicate Your Desired Outcomes

What are you hoping to get out of your cleaning service? Better air quality? Reducing the spread of illness? A tidier looking space? All of the above? Think about what outcomes you are expecting and communicate them to your cleaning team so that they can prioritize and meet these goals. 

Prioritize Services

Make a list of cleaning services that you are interested in and prioritize them from most to least importance. This will give you a clear view of what is most needed in your commercial space and will make it easier to decide where to allot the bulk of your budget.

Identify Scheduling Needs

Consider what days and times are off limits to cleaning (for example, if cleaning would disrupt work, you may not want any services done during business hours) and when are the ideal times for cleaning to take place. This gives you a good starting point to discuss with your cleaning team and collectively come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

Factor in Deep Cleans

When budgeting out your cleaning plan, don’t forget to save room for deep cleans. Deep cleaning can be done seasonally, annually, or somewhere in between. A deep cleaning is a more in-depth clean that focuses on areas not done in regular cleaning services and is an important part of overall hygiene and maintenance of any workplace.

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