Always Have These Items at the Ready for a Cleaner Workplace

Cleaner sanitizing door handle with rag and detergent spray

Do you want a cleaner workplace? Make sure that you keep these simple items handy at all times!

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer helps keep your team and guests healthy by reducing the spread of germs. While frequent handwashing is, of course, essential, hand sanitizer is useful to have easily accessible for those moments when it is inconvenient to run to the washroom to use the sink. Keep bottles of hand sanitizer in easy-to-see places anywhere that people might want to have cleaner hands, such as in the reception area, break room, kitchen, etc.


It’s inevitable that people are going to sneeze occasionally at work, but you can prevent those sneezes from being major germ spreaders with this simple tip: keep boxes of tissues readily available around the workplace. This allows people to reach for a tissue when they have to sneeze, cough, or blow their nose, and helps keep germs contained.

Keyboard Cleaner

If you run an office, having keyboard cleaning kits ready for your team to use is a good idea. Keyboards are easy to forget to clean, but they are high-touch surfaces that trap crumbs, dirt, grime, and germs between the keys. Make sure that you have keyboard cleaning supplies on hand and that your team knows where to find them, so that they can clean their keyboards regularly.

Sanitizing Wipes

Convenient sanitizing wipes are great to have on hand for any minor spills at work. If someone splashes their coffee onto their desk, they are a lot more likely to clean it up immediately if they can just reach for a wipe instead of having to go to another room to get a paper towel and cleaning spray. Keep a pack of wipes in every room for quick cleanup.

Surface Cleaner Spray

Some simple all-purpose surface cleaner is essential to have in any workplace. When people know that they can easily grab a bottle of cleaner to spray and wipe down a surface, they are much more likely to clean up after themselves when they spill. They will wipe down an area when they notice it’s looking a little grimy.

Microfibre Cloths

Microfibre cloths are more eco-friendly and effective than paper towels when it comes to cleaning surfaces. Keep a supply of microfibre cloths on hand and simply throw them in the laundry once they’ve been used. Use them for wiping down counters, cleaning mirrors, and dry dusting surfaces.

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