Why a Clean Workplace Equals a Safe Workplace

Janitor mopping a wood floor.


We all know that a clean workplace looks a whole lot better than a messy one, but proper cleaning is also an essential part of workplace safety procedures. Here are the top ways that having your workplace professionally cleaned improves the safety of your staff.

Stop the Spread of Germs

Perhaps the most obvious (and most important!) reason to keep your workplace clean is to prevent the spread of germs from person to person. Bacteria, viruses, and other germs can live on surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, desks, telephones, copy machines, and more, and these surface are used by many different people throughout a typical work day, making it easy for illness to spread throughout the office if high-touch surfaces are not regularly sanitized and disinfected.

Prevent Slipping and Tripping Hazards

Keeping flooring and carpets clean and clear of clutter goes a long way in preventing workplace accidents. Many people don’t realize that floors that are not properly cleaned regularly are more likely to cause people to fall and injure themselves than floors that are cared for. This is because floors accumulate dirt and other debris, becoming sticky, uneven, and much easier to trip on. It is also very important to make sure that your floors are being cleaned regularly in the winter months when snow, ice, and water gets tracked in and leaves a slippery mess that could really hurt someone.

Improve Mental Health

Safety in the workplace is about more than just physical safety, it’s about protecting mental health as well.  A clean, uncluttered space helps people feel welcome, relaxed, and reduces stress. This, in turn, reduces sick days, helps protect peoples’ mental wellbeing, improves job satisfaction, and makes people feel more respected in their role as employees.

The best way to ensure a safe, clean workplace is to hire a commercial cleaning company you can trust. Anago of Vancouver’s cleaning teams are experienced, fully certified, and will work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that puts your staff’s safety first.

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