How a Clean Workplace Boosts Productivity

Having a clean, organized work environment is obviously preferable to a messy one, but did you know that it actually boosts productivity too? There are many ways to increase efficiency in the workplace, but one of the simplest and most effective things you can do is to create and maintain a tidy, clean environment. Here are 6 ways that a clean workplace makes your team more productive.

Improves Mental Health

Studies have shown that clutter causes stress and anxiety, making it difficult to focus. An organized, clean space gives you a sense of control. A big contributing factor to anxiety and stress is feeling a lack of control, so simple things you can do to feel in control—like maintaining an ordered workspace—can go a long way in improving mental wellness.

To create a workplace that mitigates stress, keep everything tidy and organized, go for minimal clutter and provide employees with easy ways to store files, papers, supplies, and anything else they use often.

Makes People Happy

Working in a clean, tidy space has been shown to improve morale. Imagine yourself sitting at a dusty desk filled with clutter, in a setting with poor air quality. Now imagine yourself sitting at a clean desk with only a few items on it, space to work, and a fresh scent in the air. It’s pretty obvious which one is going to put you in a better mood! Happier workers are more productive workers, and happier workers are also more likely to encourage their coworkers and generally promote workplace enthusiasm.

Reduces Time Waste

If you’re not sure where things are located in your office—from important client files to staplers to extra computer cables—you’ll inevitably spend a significant amount of time every week just looking for those items. It may not feel like much time since you’re just spending a few minutes here and there trying to find what you’re looking for, but it adds up. Having an organized space with an appointed place for everything means less time wasted looking for papers, files, and supplies.

That being said, you don’t want to start spending all your newly freed-up time on cleaning, either! Hiring a professional cleaning company ensures that employees are spending their time doing tasks related to their job description, as opposed to spending time cleaning the office and breakroom.

Boosts Creativity

Having a clean, organized workplace can even boost creativity. A streamlined environment where it’s easy to keep everything in its place gives us the mental space we need to come up with those creative ideas that keep our businesses running and evolving.

Reduces Sick Days

A clean office means better air quality and fewer germs and bacteria that can cause illness like cold, flu, and respiratory issues. This means people will be less likely to catch a cold or flu at work and will take fewer sick days, which means you’re not paying for days where nothing gets done.

A clean, regularly dusted office also reduces allergens which, while they may not cause illness bad enough for people to go home sick, will make workers feel unwell and decrease their output (nobody’s going to be as productive when they’re sneezing and stuffed up).

Better Employee Retention

A welcoming, clean environment makes people feel comfortable, relaxed, and valued. Showing that you care about the state of your workspace demonstrates that you care about the people who work in it. On the other hand, allowing your staff to work in an environment that is messy, disorganized, or just plain dirty will make them feel like their employer does not consider them worthy of a pleasant environment. Invest in creating a setting that makes staff feel valued by ensuring that your workplace is clean, organized, and regularly maintained. This makes employees less likely to leave your company when other opportunities arise.

Let Anago help keep your workplace clean and fresh! Our team of experienced professionals use the best methods and green cleaning products to ensure a spotless, healthy work environment where you and your staff can get things done.


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