How to Reduce Winter Mud and Slush in the Workplace

Close-up of lower legs and feet in boots, standing in a puddle with slush on the surrounding ground.

Not only do slush, mud, and puddles of water create an eyesore in the office, they also pose a very serious safety risk. You don’t want someone slipping and hurting themselves at work on your watch. Here are a few simple ways to keep your workplace slush-free, clean, and safe this winter.

Salt Parking Lots and Walkways

Start by reducing the amount of snow and ice that people have to walk through to get to the office in order to reduce the amount of snow and ice they are tracking inside. Sprinkle salt on walkways to the entrance and in the parking lot.

Mats Indoors and Out

Place mats both inside and outside the entrance to catch mud, snow, slush, and debris from peoples’ boots as they come inside. Boot brushes can also be useful for people to use to clean off their footwear as they come in, especially if you’re getting a lot of snow.

At Anago, our franchisees specialize in cleaning entryway mats. Let them help keep your mats clean and fresh, no matter how much mud gets tracked onto them!

Umbrella Stands

Keep an umbrella stand just inside the entrance so people can store their wet umbrella instead of carrying it through the office and allowing it to drip everywhere. All you need is a tall bucket–just make sure that it is heavy enough so it won’t tip over when it is holding a few wet umbrellas.  

Get Your Floor Cleaned More Frequently

No matter how much you do to prevent it, the floor is going to get dirtier in the winter than during the rest of the year, it’s just a fact. In order to stay on top of the mess, up the frequency of your regular floor cleaning to keep your floors looking good. Getting your floor cleaned more also helps get rid of germs, which is especially important during the winter when there are so many cold and flu bugs going around.

At Anago, our team of professional cleaners specialize in floor and carpet care. You can trust our franchisees to make sure your floors are spic and span all winter long.


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