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A clean workplace can go a long way in improving mental health. Here’s how.

Staff Feel More Valued

When you work in an environment that’s obviously been cared for enough that it is clean and tidy, you feel more valued both as a worker and as a person. This is because the cleanliness of a space shows that someone has put effort and resources into keeping it tidy so that you have a pleasant atmosphere to work in. Staff notice this and appreciate it. 

Reduced Feelings of Depression & Anxiety

Studies show that spending time in a clean, uncluttered space helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression. Many people struggle with mental health, so creating a workspace that is conducive to mental wellness is an important way to promote workers’ health.

Increased Energy

In addition to reducing feelings of depression and anxiety, research shows that being in a clean space increases your energy. This means that workers will feel less tired, more enthusiastic, and have more energy to put into their job if the place where they work is clean, uncluttered, and pleasant to spend time in.

Clutter Makes it Harder to Focus

Research shows that spending time in a cluttered, messy space makes it harder to focus. Trying to work in an environment where it is difficult to focus can lead to feelings of stress, lack of motivation, or feeling inadequate. Providing your team with a clean, tidy space to work in not only helps them work more effectively, but helps them feel better about it, too.

Not only is a clean work environment an important factor when it comes to reducing health risks like slip-and-fall injuries, it is also essential for protecting your staff’s mental wellness. Get in touch today for your free cleaning quote!

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