How to Clean Office Equipment

Hand cleaning a keyboard with a disinfectant wipe

Do you know how to properly clean your office equipment? Many items require specialized cleaning procedures–here are our best tips for cleaning different pieces of office equipment.


Begin by removing crumbs and other loose debris by turning the keyboard upside down over a trash bin and gently shaking it. Next, spray compressed air between the keys to clear any excess bits that may be lodged in there. You can use a disinfectant wipe to clean the surface of the keys, but squeeze excess liquid out of the wipe first to prevent damaging the keyboard.


Avoid using paper towel to clean computer screens as it can cause scratching. Instead, use a microfibre cloth sprayed with either a specialized screen cleaner or a mild solution of warm water and gentle dish soap. Wipe again with a dry microfibre cloth to remove any cleaning solution residue.


Since desk telephones are very high-touch surfaces, they should be thoroughly cleaned once a day to help slow the spread of germs. To clean your desk phone, start by unplugging it. You can then use a disinfectant wipe to carefully wipe down the receiver, ear and mouthpieces, and buttons.


Start by wiping down the whole machine with a clean, dry microfibre cloth to remove any dust. Next, you can use a dry cloth spritzed with a little cleaning solution to carefully wipe down high-touch areas of the machine, such as buttons. Make sure your cloth is not wet, as this can cause damage to the machine. If there is adhesive residue on the machine, you can use a little degreaser sprayed onto a dry microfibre cloth to remove it by rubbing gently in a circular motion.

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