Cluttered desk surface

Does your desk seem to be in a constant state of chaos? Many people find that, as soon as they clean their desk, it’s suddenly a mess again in two seconds flat. Here are some steps to follow for a cleaner desk–that stays that way!

Have a Designated Mess Bin

Keep a bin or container nearby or designate a drawer as your specified “mess spot.” When you have something that you don’t have time to put away or don’t know what to do with, toss it into your mess bin. At the end of each week, set aside 10-15 minutes to go through all of the items in your container and put them where they are supposed to go.

Tidy Every Day

At the end of every day, set aside 5 minutes to tidy your desk. Throw out anything that needs to be tossed, file away papers you’re done with, and put office supplies like pens and staplers back where they belong. Give the surface a quick clean with a sanitized wipe and you’re good to go. You’ll be greeted by a clean, inviting workspace every morning if you just make a habit of taking these 5 minutes to clean at the end of each day.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Within Reach

You’re a lot more likely to wipe away those crumbs you just noticed on your desk if you can simply reach for the necessary supplies and do it right then. Keep a container of sanitizing wipes handy, either on your desk, in a drawer, or somewhere else that you can reach easily while sitting at your desk. You’ll be much more likely to clean up regularly instead of saying to yourself “I should give that a wipe down later” and never getting to it.

Don’t Keep Anything You Don’t Use Daily on Your Desk

If you are keeping items you don’t use every day on the surface of your desk, those items are taking up valuable real estate and contributing clutter. It’s much easier to keep your desk tidy if the only things on it are items that you use every day. 

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