When was the Last Time You Cleaned These Commonly Forgotten Areas?

Cleaner sanitizing door handle with rag and detergent spray

There are some areas of the workplace that are so easy to forget, they rarely get cleaned. When was the last time these commonly forgotten areas were cleaned in your commercial space? Don’t remember? Then it’s time to call Anago of Vancouver!

Door Handles, Elevator Buttons, & Light Switches

It’s easy to forget to clean door handles, light switches, and elevator buttons, but these surfaces are crucial to sanitize regularly because so many people touch them with their bare hands every day. High-touch surfaces like these can contribute to the spread of colds, flus, and other illnesses if not carefully cleaned frequently. While they may not look dirty, they are often a breeding ground for germs.

Garbage Bins

Sure, you probably remember to take the garbage out regularly, but how many times do you actually clean the bin? Garbage bins should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized at least once a week to prevent bacteria from forming and reduce any unpleasant odours.

The Office Microwave

The shared microwave where everyone heats up their lunches gets a lot of use, but not necessarily a lot of love. It’s easy to use the office microwave and just assume that someone else will clean it, but if everybody is assuming this, that microwave is never going to be properly cleaned. Get into a routine where the microwave is cleaned on the same day every week to prevent the buildup of food splatter.

Ducts, Vents, & Baseboards

Ducts, vents, and baseboards are another example of surfaces that usually don’t look particularly dirty, and as a result they don’t get cleaned very often. However, these areas tend to accumulate a lot of dust, which can then be blown into the air through your building’s heating or cooling system, which contributes to poor air quality. Take the time to dust these surfaces once a week.

Need a little help with keeping these commonly forgotten areas clean? Trust the experienced cleaning teams at Anago of Vancouver!


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