Why Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Matters

Woman cleaning a wall with rubber gloves and a cloth.

It’s easy to skip cleaning walls and ceilings if they don’t look noticeably dirty. Because they are often ignored, walls and ceilings tend to accumulate pollen, dust, hair, mold spores, and other debris that you may not notice with the naked eye but that are absolutely negatively impacting the quality of your space. Here are our top reasons why ceiling and wall cleaning matters.

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Air Quality

Indoor air quality is generally much poorer than outdoor air quality, so everything that we can do to help improve it is important for health and safety. Dust and dirt that accumulates on ceilings and walls contributes to poor air quality, which can cause allergies, asthma flare-ups, and other respiratory illnesses. Having your ceilings and walls cleaned regularly is a part of maintaining your space’s air quality safety.

Helps Identify Larger Problems

If you clean your ceiling and find unusual stains in the process, you may discover that you have water stains from a leak that needs to be addressed before it gets worse or other issues that you might not have noticed if you were not having your ceilings and walls cleaned periodically. 

Mold Prevention

Mold and mildew often form on ceilings and walls first. Regularly sanitizing walls and ceilings helps get rid of spores and bacteria that can lead to mold growing. This is especially important in humid environments like Vancouver where mold grows easily and thrives. 

Better Light

Natural light reflects better off clean surfaces, so keeping your ceilings and walls clean will actually make your space feel lighter, brighter, and bigger. You’ll be surprised at how a thorough cleaning will transform the space.

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