Tips for Commercial Cleaning on a Budget


Prioritize If you’re hiring a commercial cleaning service and you have a smaller budget to spend on cleaning, it is important to think about which tasks are the highest priority for you and which ones could be done less frequently. For example, you may want to have your bathrooms cleaned and floors vacuumed every day, [...]

Tips for Commercial Cleaning on a Budget2022-06-21T12:04:54-07:00

Why Go Green?


There are plenty of reasons to use green cleaning products. Here’s why you should choose a commercial cleaning company that has made the commitment to go green. Prevent Allergic Reactions Conventional cleaning products contain harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that can cause skin irritation, rashes, and other allergic reactions in many people. Using green cleaners [...]

Why Go Green?2022-05-04T13:52:34-07:00

Top Reasons to Leave Commercial Cleaning to the Pros


It’s common for people to think that they might as well just do their commercial cleaning themselves as opposed to hiring professionals, but that’s actually not the best use of your time and money. Here’s why. Book Cleaning   Keep Your Staff Focused on Their Jobs When you start asking your staff to do significant [...]

Top Reasons to Leave Commercial Cleaning to the Pros2022-05-25T23:55:40-07:00

Why Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Matters


It’s easy to skip cleaning walls and ceilings if they don’t look noticeably dirty. Because they are often ignored, walls and ceilings tend to accumulate pollen, dust, hair, mold spores, and other debris that you may not notice with the naked eye but that are absolutely negatively impacting the quality of your space. Here are [...]

Why Ceiling & Wall Cleaning Matters2022-04-07T16:30:42-07:00

How to Tell if Your Workplace is Really Clean


So, your workplace looks tidy, but how do you know if the commercial janitorial service you hired is leaving your space really clean? Here’s how to know for sure. What to Check to Tell if Your Workplace is Thoroughly Cleaned Doorknobs Doorknobs should not be noticeably smudged, grimy, or have fingerprints on them if they’re [...]

How to Tell if Your Workplace is Really Clean2022-04-07T16:10:06-07:00

Why Customers Choose Anago of Vancouver


Customers in Vancouver and the rest of the lower mainland trust Anago of Vancouver to clean their commercial spaces thoroughly, efficiently, and effectively. Here’s what sets our cleaning teams apart and keeps customers coming back. Green Cleaning Anago of Vancouver only uses eco-friendly, naturally-derived cleaning products. Chemical cleaning products cause a negative impact on the [...]

Why Customers Choose Anago of Vancouver2022-03-03T22:10:34-08:00

What a Clean Space Says About Your Business


Having a thoroughly cleaned commercial space boosts your reputation for a number of reasons. Here’s what prioritizing a clean space says about your business. Book a Cleaner You’re Welcoming A clean space is welcoming and pleasant for staff and guests alike. Having a sparklingly clean commercial space demonstrates that you want anyone who enters to [...]

What a Clean Space Says About Your Business2022-01-13T17:08:46-08:00

Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer at Work


Health and safety at work is crucial to job satisfaction. Help keep your employees safer at work by following these steps. Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces Frequently Make sure that you are cleaning everything regularly, and paying special attention to high-touch surfaces such as desks, telephone receivers, door handles, elevator buttons, copy machine/printer buttons, and anywhere else [...]

Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer at Work2022-01-13T17:08:19-08:00

Tips for the Best Experience with Commercial Cleaning


First time hiring a commercial cleaner? Follow these tips to ensure you have the best experience possible. Get a Quote First You don’t want the cost of your commercial cleaning service to come as a surprise after the fact. Talk to your cleaning service before hiring them and ask for a quote. Any reliable commercial [...]

Tips for the Best Experience with Commercial Cleaning2022-01-13T17:07:50-08:00

Specialized Cleaning for Car Dealerships


If you run a car dealership, hiring a commercial cleaning team that specializes specifically in car dealership cleaning services is a worthwhile investment in your business. Here’s why. Why Car Dealership Cleaning Matters Having your car dealership professionally cleaned by a reliable commercial cleaning company like Anago of Vancouver is important because it impacts your [...]

Specialized Cleaning for Car Dealerships2021-12-07T14:52:47-08:00

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