Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer at Work


Health and safety at work is crucial to job satisfaction. Help keep your employees safer at work by following these steps. Sanitize High-Touch Surfaces Frequently Make sure that you are cleaning everything regularly, and paying special attention to high-touch surfaces such as desks, telephone receivers, door handles, elevator buttons, copy machine/printer buttons, and anywhere else [...]

Ways to Make Your Staff Feel Safer at Work2022-01-13T17:08:19-08:00

Waste-Reducing Cleaning Tips


Try these waste-reducing cleaning tips to make your commercial cleaning regimen kinder to the environment. Use Microfibre Cloths Instead of Paper Towel Replace paper products with reusable, washable products in your cleaning routine. Microfibre cloths are a great alternative to paper towels. Microfibre cloths clean more effectively and do not leave paper bits behind the [...]

Waste-Reducing Cleaning Tips2021-11-10T17:24:06-08:00

Time-Saving Cleaning Tips from Professionals


Wish your cleaning was a little more time efficient? Take these tips from the pros. Say Goodbye to Clutter A less cluttered space is much quicker to clean because you don’t have to spend a lot of time moving items off of and back onto surfaces when you want to clean them. Keep surface clutter [...]

Time-Saving Cleaning Tips from Professionals2021-09-24T16:29:58-07:00

Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes


Do you do any of the following common bathroom cleaning mistakes? Many people do! Keep these in mind the next time you clean your bathroom. Forgetting to Clean Behind the Toilet You’ve got a lot on your mind, so it’s not surprising if you sometimes forget about cleaning behind the toilet. Because you can’t see [...]

Common Bathroom Cleaning Mistakes2021-09-15T16:57:37-07:00

How Frequently Should the Different Areas of My Office Be Cleaned?


Wondering if your office cleaning regimen is good enough? Here is a quick guide to exactly how often you should be cleaning the different areas of your office. Desks/Surfaces Daily. The best way to keep desks and other surfaces from accumulating dust, crumbs, and other debris is to get in [...]

How Frequently Should the Different Areas of My Office Be Cleaned?2021-07-26T15:01:40-07:00

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes


If you have carpeting in your commercial space, odds are you’ve made at least one of these common carpet cleaning mistakes. Rubbing, not Dabbing Often when people spill something onto a carpet, their instinct is to immediately rub it hard in an attempt to get rid of the spill and [...]

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes2021-06-24T11:25:15-07:00

These Daily Office Cleaning Habits Make a Big Difference


Keep Wipes Nearby and Use Them Keep a container of disposable sanitizing wipes nearby so that it is super easy to grab one whenever you notice a mess or a surface that could use a wipe down. If possible, keep wipes in a few places in the office so that [...]

These Daily Office Cleaning Habits Make a Big Difference2021-06-24T11:26:28-07:00

Workplace Cleaning: Top Ways to Encourage Staff to Clean Up After Themselves


Make it Easy Keep wipes handy in multiple places so that it’s easy for staff to grab them and wipe down surfaces throughout the day. A person is much more likely to think to wipe down their desk if they can just reach over and grab a wipe as opposed [...]

Workplace Cleaning: Top Ways to Encourage Staff to Clean Up After Themselves2021-05-27T00:53:58-07:00

Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Workplace and How to Keep it That Way


Forego Air Fresheners Many people reach for air freshener spray when they want to improve the smell of their workplace, but this often has the opposite of the desired effect. Don’t bother with chemical-laden air fresheners. Most of the time they just mask bad smells briefly or, even worse, they [...]

Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Workplace and How to Keep it That Way2021-06-16T15:31:30-07:00

The Hazards of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products


Wondering if your cleaning products are safe? Here’s what you need to know about chemical cleaners. Safety Risks The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning product is its safety. Cleaning is meant to create a safer environment, not create hazards, so your cleaning products need [...]

The Hazards of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products2021-06-16T15:40:39-07:00

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