Daily Habits for a Cleaner Workplace


Get into the habit of doing these quick cleaning tasks every day for a safer, cleaner workplace. Get a FREE Cleaning Quote!   Clear Clutter Set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of each day to clear your workspace of clutter, and encourage your employees to do the same. Taking just a bit of time [...]

Daily Habits for a Cleaner Workplace2022-05-25T23:55:32-07:00

4 Things You Forget to Clean at Your Workplace


Do you forget to clean these four things at your workplace? If so, you’re not the only one! These areas are commonly overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but actually accumulate a lot of dust, grime, and germs. Book Cleaners Door Handles & Light Switches Door handles and light switches are very high-touch surfaces, but [...]

4 Things You Forget to Clean at Your Workplace2022-04-27T11:42:42-07:00

4 Simple Tips to Reduce Dust


Dust is more than just an eyesore. It contributes to poor indoor air quality, which can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Here are some simple tips to reduce dust in your workplace. Clean Daily Dust accumulates quickly, so the best way to prevent it from building up is to clean surfaces every day. [...]

4 Simple Tips to Reduce Dust2022-04-13T17:00:59-07:00

Common Cleaning Myths & Misconceptions


Feather Dusters are the Best Way to Remove Dust While many people believe that feather dusters are the best option for removing dust (after all, that’s what they’re designed for, right?), this is actually not true. Dusters don’t absorb dust, instead they just move it around. That means that a lot of that dust will [...]

Common Cleaning Myths & Misconceptions2022-04-07T16:19:02-07:00

How to Tell if Your Workplace is Really Clean


So, your workplace looks tidy, but how do you know if the commercial janitorial service you hired is leaving your space really clean? Here’s how to know for sure. What to Check to Tell if Your Workplace is Thoroughly Cleaned Doorknobs Doorknobs should not be noticeably smudged, grimy, or have fingerprints on them if they’re [...]

How to Tell if Your Workplace is Really Clean2022-04-07T16:10:06-07:00

Spring Cleaning Tips


Spring is here, and you know what that means–time to clean up your commercial space! Give Your Floors Some Love Sure, you probably sweep and mop regularly throughout the year, but floors need a little extra care occasionally. Your floor gets the brunt of every mess, from people tracking in mud to spills to scratches [...]

Spring Cleaning Tips2022-04-07T15:55:28-07:00

How a Clean Space Promotes Mental Health


A clean workplace can go a long way in improving mental health. Here’s how. Staff Feel More Valued When you work in an environment that’s obviously been cared for enough that it is clean and tidy, you feel more valued both as a worker and as a person. This is because the cleanliness of a [...]

How a Clean Space Promotes Mental Health2022-04-07T15:45:54-07:00

Tips for Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools


So you’re on top of cleaning your space, but when is the last time you cleaned your cleaning tools? It’s easy to forget about these items, but it is important to keep your cleaning tools in good shape so that they can do their job effectively. Here are our top tips for cleaning your cleaning [...]

Tips for Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools2022-03-03T21:56:51-08:00

Common Cleaning Mistakes That Make Things Worse


Are you making these common cleaning mistakes? Using a Feather Duster People often assume that feather dusters are the best dusting tool because they are specifically made for dusting, but they are actually not very effective. A feather duster just moves the dirt around and stirs up dust particles into the air. Microfibre cloths are [...]

Common Cleaning Mistakes That Make Things Worse2022-03-03T22:23:31-08:00

What is Dust & Where Does it Come From?


What is Dust Made of? Dust is made up of pretty much anything, but generally in homes and workplaces it is mostly skin, dirt, and fabric fibres. Dust also contains bacteria, mold, and dust mites, all of which pose a health risk. Dust mites are microscopic insect-like pests that feed on the dead skin cells [...]

What is Dust & Where Does it Come From?2022-02-16T17:35:40-08:00

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