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Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Workplace and How to Keep it That Way


Forego Air Fresheners Many people reach for air freshener spray when they want to improve the smell of their workplace, but this often has the opposite of the desired effect. Don’t bother with chemical-laden air fresheners. Most of the time they just mask bad smells briefly or, even worse, they [...]

Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Workplace and How to Keep it That Way2021-05-04T17:24:22-07:00

The Hazards of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products


Wondering if your cleaning products are safe? Here’s what you need to know about chemical cleaners. Safety Risks The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a cleaning product is its safety. Cleaning is meant to create a safer environment, not create hazards, so your cleaning products need [...]

The Hazards of Using the Wrong Cleaning Products2021-05-04T22:14:04-07:00

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Stainless Steel Surfaces


Stainless steel appliances, countertops, and other surfaces give any space a sleek, modern appearance...that is, until they get covered in smudges and fingerprints. Here are our best tips to clean all of your stainless steel surfaces and keep your space gleaming. Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel Don’t Use Anything Abrasive Stainless steel scratches easily [...]

Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Stainless Steel Surfaces2021-04-05T15:02:04-07:00

How to Keep White Carpets White


White or light coloured carpets make any space look bigger, brighter, and more inviting. However, if those carpets get stained or dingy, it reflects poorly on your business. Here are our best tips on keeping your white carpets their whitest. Clean Up Spills Immediately Spills will happen, there’s no way around it. But if you [...]

How to Keep White Carpets White2021-02-16T07:50:18-08:00

Why Use Green Cleaning Products?


It’s Better for the Environment Most cleaning products contain harsh chemicals which wash down the drain and will eventually make their way into waterways and the soil. These chemicals can have negative effects on wildlife and the ecosystem. Cleaning products made from natural ingredients will not harm the environment when washed down the drain or [...]

Why Use Green Cleaning Products?2021-02-16T08:15:17-08:00

Easy Tips for Keeping Any Space Tidy


Whether you work in an office, warehouse, retail store, or at home, here are some of the simplest ways to keep your space tidy. Need a little help keeping your commercial space clean? Call Anago today at 1-604-359-2256 Make a Daily Habit of it Get in the habit of spending a little time each day [...]

Easy Tips for Keeping Any Space Tidy2021-02-16T08:03:59-08:00

Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Workplaces


Do you have an office dog or a feline friend at your place of work? Having pets around is great, it gives your staff the flexibility they need as pet-owners, and it gives everyone who uses the space a little animal therapy. However, pets come with their own set of cleaning needs. Here are some [...]

Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Workplaces2020-11-25T18:06:33-08:00

The Best Cleaning Equipment to Have on Hand


Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is extremely important in any commercial space. Here are a few tools of the trade that are essential to have on hand to clean up life’s little messes as they come. Microfibre Cloths Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. They won’t scratch and can be washed [...]

The Best Cleaning Equipment to Have on Hand2020-10-26T12:46:06-07:00

Different Types of Cleaning Supplies and How They Work


There are a lot of different types of cleaning products out there. Do you know the differences between them? Most people don’t! If you understand the differences between common cleaning products and when to use which ones, you can step up your cleaning game and make sure you are using the right product for every [...]

Different Types of Cleaning Supplies and How They Work2020-10-26T12:45:34-07:00

Daily Workplace Cleaning Checklist


Get in the habit of completing these tasks every day for a cleaner, safer work environment. Sanitize Door Handles and Elevator Buttons Make sure that you sanitize all door handles and elevator buttons (and anything else that people need to touch to get in and out of the workplace) at least once a day, preferably [...]

Daily Workplace Cleaning Checklist2020-09-28T19:10:31-07:00

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