Carpet Cleaning

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes


If you have carpeting in your commercial space, odds are you’ve made at least one of these common carpet cleaning mistakes. Rubbing, not Dabbing Often when people spill something onto a carpet, their instinct is to immediately rub it hard in an attempt to get rid of the spill and [...]

Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes2021-06-24T11:25:15-07:00

Important Factors in Supermarket Cleaning


A clean, inviting environment that customers can rely on is essential when it comes to running a supermarket. Cleanliness in any retail space is imperative to ensure customer safety, but especially so in a retail space that deals with food. Some of the most important aspects of supermarket cleaning include: Floor Care Supermarket floors can [...]

Important Factors in Supermarket Cleaning2023-02-08T15:11:56-08:00

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver


Endless traffic, heavy office equipment, dirty shoes, and spills—office carpets have it tough. Over time, all that extra wear and tear can really add up, turning workplace carpeting into a dull, dingy, and bacteria-infested eyesore. To keep them looking and smelling their best, you’re going to need the help of professional [...]

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver2020-09-28T19:37:08-07:00

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