Professional Daycare Cleaning Services


Why Proper Cleaning Matters More in Daycares and Schools Proper cleaning is important in any space, but it is particularly essential in daycares and schools--the places our children occupy. If you run a daycare or school, it is your responsibility to do everything in your power to keep the children in your care safe and [...]

Professional Daycare Cleaning Services2020-01-16T17:05:30-08:00

Cleaning Products to Keep on Hand at Work


Keep Your Workspace Clean with These Products Disinfecting Wipes Make sure you have a supply of disinfecting wipes to wipe down desks, surfaces, door handles, phones, and keyboards. These high-touch points are germ magnets, so it’s a good idea to disinfect them often. Make it easy for everyone in the office to grab wipes whenever [...]

Cleaning Products to Keep on Hand at Work2020-01-16T17:23:49-08:00

How Retail Cleaning Services Improve Customer Service Experience


Shopping--whether it’s for groceries, shoes, electronics, or anything else--should be an enjoyable experience. One way to contribute to a customer’s happiness with their shopping trip is to ensure that they have a clean, welcoming environment to browse in.  Here are a few of the ways in which hiring a commercial cleaner can help make your [...]

How Retail Cleaning Services Improve Customer Service Experience2020-01-16T17:33:56-08:00

How to Make Sure Your Gym is Ready for the New Year


Keeping Your Gym and Fitness Center Clean During this time of year, as we find ourselves attending holiday parties, dinners, and cocktail hours, and generally indulging, many of us are promising ourselves that we’ll be going to the gym regularly once January 1st hits.  All of those inevitable New Year’s resolutions mean that if you [...]

How to Make Sure Your Gym is Ready for the New Year2020-01-16T17:43:09-08:00

Sustainable Cleaning Tips


Green Cleaning Tips A Green Cleaning Company in Vancouver; Anago We hear words like “sustainability” and “green” thrown around a lot these days, but what do these terms really mean? Something that can continue indefinitely without draining resources or causing any damage is considered sustainable. Many cleaning practices do not fit into this definition because [...]

Sustainable Cleaning Tips2020-02-11T14:37:18-08:00

Why You Need Specialized Cleaning for Churches, Mosques, and Other Places of Worship


A place of worship is a space meant to facilitate community, celebration, and quiet personal reflection. These are all extremely important purposes, so it is essential that the space is well kept and given the care it deserves. Visitors to a mosque, church, or other place of worship should feel welcomed, comfortable, and safe. A [...]

Why You Need Specialized Cleaning for Churches, Mosques, and Other Places of Worship2019-11-29T16:29:57-08:00

How to Reduce Winter Mud and Slush in the Workplace


Not only do slush, mud, and puddles of water create an eyesore in the office, they also pose a very serious safety risk. You don’t want someone slipping and hurting themselves at work on your watch. Here are a few simple ways to keep your workplace slush-free, clean, and safe this winter.   Salt Parking [...]

How to Reduce Winter Mud and Slush in the Workplace2019-11-27T13:57:18-08:00

How to Remove Stains From Carpet


Carpets are lovely. They’re cozy, welcoming, and add texture to your home or workplace. However, the pleasant quality of carpets comes with a downside: they are super easy to stain. Life happens in our homes and that means the occasional knocked-over cup of coffee or muddy dog. You can’t prevent stains entirely, but you can [...]

How to Remove Stains From Carpet2019-10-14T19:31:15-08:00

Cold and Flu Prevention in the Workplace


  As fall and winter come on, people start getting sick. It’s just a fact of life: cold-and-flu season hits every year, and we have to do our best to get through it. Unfortunately, one of the most likely places you’re going to pick up a cold or flu is at work. As an employer, [...]

Cold and Flu Prevention in the Workplace2019-10-14T19:58:39-08:00

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