Tips for the Best Experience with Commercial Cleaning

Two commercial cleaners, one vacuuming and one wiping down a glass door.

First time hiring a commercial cleaner? Follow these tips to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Get a Quote First

You don’t want the cost of your commercial cleaning service to come as a surprise after the fact. Talk to your cleaning service before hiring them and ask for a quote. Any reliable commercial cleaner should be able to give you an accurate price quote once you provide them with a few details about the space you want cleaned and the specific services you’d like. Asking about a quote before agreeing to anything is always a good idea to ensure that you and your cleaner are on the same page.

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Communicate Your Priorities

Make sure that you communicate your priorities so that the cleaning team knows what’s most important to you. For example, maybe high-touch surfaces are your top priority. Perhaps you want to make sure your breakroom is thoroughly cleaned every day, but only need some areas cleaned once a week. Tell your cleaners exactly what your highest and lowest priorities are so that they can come up with a cleaning plan that gives you what you want while staying within your budget.

Schedule Cleaning Outside of Business Hours

Try to schedule your cleaning services outside of regular business hours, if possible. This way your cleaning team can do their job more easily and efficiently without having to dodge people using the space, and your workers and/or customers won’t be disrupted by noisy vacuums or clunky cleaning carts in their space.

Keep Your Workplace Clutter Free

Don’t leave a lot of clutter around your workplace. This makes it more difficult for your cleaning team to do a thorough job because they will have to work around whatever items are left out. Encourage your staff to tidy up their work stations at the end of each day, leaving desks and other surfaces as clear as possible so that your cleaners can get their job done efficiently and properly.

Schedule Seasonal Deep Cleans

Regularly scheduled deep cleans go a long way in the overall upkeep of your commercial space. A deep clean includes floor cleaning, carpet care, window washing, and cleaning all of the out-of-the-way surfaces and areas that might not be prioritized in regular cleaning. It is a good idea to do a deep clean once every season to keep your facility at its best. 

Choose a Reputable Cleaning Company

Always do your homework before hiring a cleaning company. Check out reviews, ask around, and make sure that you are picking a company with a good reputation. Anago of Vancouver is well known in Vancouver and the surrounding area for providing reliable, efficient, thorough service. Get in touch today for more information.

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