Why You Should Hire a Cleaner that Specializes in Financial Institutions


Banks are essential institutions that accumulate a lot of germs if not properly cleaned regularly. Paper money that has been touched by many people in circulation makes its way through banks, members of the public are all using the same bank machines and pressing the same buttons on those machines, and so there is potential for a great deal of spread of germs and bacteria.

A high traffic space open to the public like a financial institution requires careful, thorough cleaning on a regular basis in order to remain clean and safe for clients and staff members. The best way to ensure proper cleanliness is to hire a cleaning company that specializes in financial institutions. Anago’s specialized bank cleaning services focus on the following:

High-Touch Surfaces

Because banks are high-traffic institutions with many members of the public coming in and out in a given day, disinfecting surfaces that most people will be touching is essential. It is easy to overlook things like ATM buttons, door handles, communal pens for clients to use, and telephones, which is why Anago’s cleaners pay careful attention to all high-touch surfaces which act as magnets for bacteria if not cleaned often.

Lobbies and Waiting Areas

The lobby of a bank or credit union is a space where many people spend time and touch multiple surfaces. Your Anago cleaning team will sanitize all waiting area seating, magazines, toys, or any other communal items located in the lobby, and tidy the area so that it is clean and organized for your clients at all times.

Floor Care

All of those clients coming in and out of any financial institution will be tracking dirt, bacteria, and germs from various places. Proper floor cleaning is particularly important in a facility where the public are coming in and out every day. Anago’s franchisees specialize in all types of floor care, including carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and buffing.

When it comes to the cleanliness of your financial institution, details matter. Choose a cleaner that specializes in bank cleaning and knows how to create a safe, clean space for your staff and clients. Choose Anago.


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