Messy Workplace Habits to Avoid

Are you guilty of these common workplace habits? Avoid these and enjoy a cleaner, more welcoming work environment.

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Eating at Your Desk

We get it, sometimes it’s just easier to eat at your desk. But, no matter how careful you are, food at your desk means crumbs, spills, and mess at your desk. Encourage staff to take real lunch and snack breaks away from their desks. Taking breaks is better for mental health and actually boosts productivity, plus encouraging folks to eat in the breakroom or off premises will keep work stations cleaner. Sometimes it’s just inevitable that people will need to munch something while they work, so make sure that you have sanitizing wipes easily available for quick cleanup.

Letting Clutter Pile Up

The more you let clutter pile up, the harder it will be to tidy up. Leaving stacks of paperwork and other bits and pieces around your workplace not only makes things look messier, it also makes it more difficult to clean around all that clutter and you’ll end up with a buildup of dust and grime that you can avoid with a clutter-free workspace. The best way to prevent clutter from building up is to designate 5 minutes at the end of every day to putting things away in their proper place. If you do this every day, it is a simple way to keep your space tidy without spending a lot of time or energy.

Not Emptying Trash Bins Regularly

It is important to empty all garbage bins regularly, even if they’re not full. Frequent emptying of your bins will prevent unpleasant odours from developing and keep your space looking clutter-free. Check your trash bins every day or two and empty them out.

Leaving Food in the Fridge

A major source of mess at many workplaces is the communal fridge. If someone forgets their lunch in the fridge one day, it’s likely to be abandoned there until it starts to look (and smell) like a science experiment gone wrong. A good way to prevent this is to have a weekly deadline for staff to go through the fridge and make sure that anything of theirs has been removed and disposed of accordingly. 

Relying on Staff to Clean Everything

Your staff have plenty to do with their own jobs. They’re simply not going to have time to keep everything clean all the time. It is better to hire a dedicated cleaning team to take care of workplace cleanliness and leave your staff to their job description if possible. 

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