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How to Keep White Carpets White


White or light coloured carpets make any space look bigger, brighter, and more inviting. However, if those carpets get stained or dingy, it reflects poorly on your business. Here are our best tips on keeping your white carpets their whitest. Clean Up Spills Immediately Spills will happen, there’s no way around it. But if you [...]

How to Keep White Carpets White2021-01-25T13:24:31-08:00

Easy Tips for Keeping Any Space Tidy


Whether you work in an office, warehouse, retail store, or at home, here are some of the simplest ways to keep your space tidy. Need a little help keeping your commercial space clean? Call Anago today at 1-604-359-2256 Make a Daily Habit of it Get in the habit of spending a little time each day [...]

Easy Tips for Keeping Any Space Tidy2020-12-10T15:57:38-08:00

Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Workplaces


Do you have an office dog or a feline friend at your place of work? Having pets around is great, it gives your staff the flexibility they need as pet-owners, and it gives everyone who uses the space a little animal therapy. However, pets come with their own set of cleaning needs. Here are some [...]

Cleaning Tips for Pet-Friendly Workplaces2020-11-25T18:06:33-08:00

Important Factors in Supermarket Cleaning


A clean, inviting environment that customers can rely on is essential when it comes to running a supermarket. Cleanliness in any retail space is imperative to ensure customer safety, but especially so in a retail space that deals with food. Some of the most important aspects of supermarket cleaning include: Floor Care Supermarket floors can [...]

Important Factors in Supermarket Cleaning2020-11-25T17:16:15-08:00

Signs it’s Time to Switch Cleaning Companies


A good cleaning company is essential to the safety and operation of your commercial space. If you are thinking about switching to a new cleaning service, here are some signs that your current company isn’t providing everything that they should be. They Haven’t Implemented Additional Cleaning Procedures With the current global pandemic, it is essential [...]

Signs it’s Time to Switch Cleaning Companies2020-11-24T13:24:47-08:00

Why Choose a Cleaning Company Over an Independent Contractor?


Accountability If you have an issue with a cleaning job, you’re a lot more likely to have your concern heard dealt with accordingly by a company than an independent contractor. A good cleaning company will have specific procedures and standards in place that they will promise to live up to (and, failing that, they’ll make [...]

Why Choose a Cleaning Company Over an Independent Contractor?2020-10-26T12:46:37-07:00

The Best Cleaning Equipment to Have on Hand


Maintaining a clean, sanitary environment is extremely important in any commercial space. Here are a few tools of the trade that are essential to have on hand to clean up life’s little messes as they come. Microfibre Cloths Microfibre cloths are great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces. They won’t scratch and can be washed [...]

The Best Cleaning Equipment to Have on Hand2020-10-26T12:46:06-07:00

Different Types of Cleaning Supplies and How They Work


There are a lot of different types of cleaning products out there. Do you know the differences between them? Most people don’t! If you understand the differences between common cleaning products and when to use which ones, you can step up your cleaning game and make sure you are using the right product for every [...]

Different Types of Cleaning Supplies and How They Work2020-10-26T12:45:34-07:00

Things You Should Expect from a Good Cleaning Service


Increased Precautions for COVID-19 In these uncertain times, it is essential to hire a cleaning service that has implemented increased precautions due to COVID-19. Anago now offers deep cleaning protection plans to ensure a safe, sanitary space and our franchisees will work with you to come up with a cleaning schedule during non-business hours to [...]

Things You Should Expect from a Good Cleaning Service2020-09-28T19:38:47-07:00

Daily Workplace Cleaning Checklist


Get in the habit of completing these tasks every day for a cleaner, safer work environment. Sanitize Door Handles and Elevator Buttons Make sure that you sanitize all door handles and elevator buttons (and anything else that people need to touch to get in and out of the workplace) at least once a day, preferably [...]

Daily Workplace Cleaning Checklist2020-09-28T19:10:31-07:00

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