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Stop Flu Season in its Tracks With These Cleaning Tips


These flu season cleaning tips will help reduce the spread of germs in your workplace. Help prevent the spread of colds and flus in your office with these simple steps.

Stop Flu Season in its Tracks With These Cleaning Tips2022-10-14T11:15:12-07:00

Office Cleaning Checklist


Keeping your office clean is essential to providing your team with a welcoming, hygienic, and safe work environment.  When it comes to office cleaning, there is a lot to take care of. Use this handy checklist to make sure you’re cleaning everything–the right way. Need a little help keeping your office clean? Trust the pros [...]

Office Cleaning Checklist2022-09-15T16:22:37-07:00

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean in the Fall


Fall brings cool, crisp weather, changing leaves, and…oh, those leaves are getting tracked inside now. Not to mention the mud. Yes, there’s a lot to love about fall, but the added mess inside businesses and other commercial spaces is not one of them. Carpets tend to be hit the hardest by fall mess, because carpeting [...]

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean in the Fall2022-09-15T16:18:15-07:00

Reduce Back-to-School Germs


Back-to-school season means one thing to many families: germs. Here are some tips to reduce germs in your school this year. Disinfect High-Touch Items Frequently After a summer of being away from their classmates, children are suddenly once again touching the same surfaces as everyone else in school. That means a lot more germ sharing [...]

Reduce Back-to-School Germs2022-09-15T16:30:41-07:00

How to Come Up with a Cleaning Plan


Here are some simple tips to ensure that you come up with a custom cleaning plan that’s right for your commercial space. Get a Free Quote Set a Realistic Budget Before meeting with your cleaning team, take a look at your budget and determine exactly how much you can allot to your commercial cleaning services. [...]

How to Come Up with a Cleaning Plan2022-08-30T11:32:07-07:00

Messy Workplace Habits to Avoid


Are you guilty of these common workplace habits? Avoid these and enjoy a cleaner, more welcoming work environment. Book Cleaning Eating at Your Desk We get it, sometimes it’s just easier to eat at your desk. But, no matter how careful you are, food at your desk means crumbs, spills, and mess at your desk. [...]

Messy Workplace Habits to Avoid2022-08-11T14:26:28-07:00

Questions to Ask Cleaning Services Before Hiring Them


Wondering how to choose a commercial cleaning service? Start by asking these questions. Do You Specialize in My Industry? Many cleaning companies offer a general “catch-all” cleaning service but do not actually have the expertise required for your industry. Different types of commercial spaces, whether they are gyms or offices or dental clinics, have different [...]

Questions to Ask Cleaning Services Before Hiring Them2022-07-13T08:50:12-07:00

The Importance of Thorough Restroom Cleaning


Having your restrooms thoroughly cleaned is essential in any workplace. Here’s why. Kill Germs & Bacteria The restroom is a breeding ground for a lot of germs and bacteria, which means if it isn’t thoroughly cleaned, the restroom in your workplace can easily contribute to the rapid spread of illness in staff and visitors. Having [...]

The Importance of Thorough Restroom Cleaning2022-07-13T08:40:02-07:00

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