The Importance of Apartment Building Cleaning: Why Hire Commercial Cleaners

Janitor cleaning an apartment building corridor.

Apartment building cleaning is an essential part of being a responsible building manager. Here are our top reasons for hiring commercial cleaners for your apartment complex.


Creates an Appealing & Welcoming Space

Maintaining cleanliness in the foyer, hallways, and common areas of an apartment building is essential for creating a welcoming, pleasant atmosphere for your tenants and their guests. People are more likely to use common areas if they are clean and tidy and will also be more respectful of the space and likely to clean up after themselves.


Increases Health

A clean apartment building is very important for keeping tenants and their guests healthy. A building that is home to many residents means that high-touch surfaces like front doors and elevator buttons are being touched by a lot of people in a day and have the potential to spread germs throughout the building and beyond. Hiring a cleaning company to regularly clean common spaces will reduce the spread of germs as well as decrease the presence of dust and allergens, improving indoor air quality.

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Increases Safety

A dirty building is not only a risk when it comes to germs, but when it comes to safety in general! Floors that are not thoroughly cleaned regularly can be sticky or gritty, which is a tripping hazard that could result in the serious injury of a tenant or visitor to the building. Making sure that the building’s floors are regularly cleaned and that carpets and other potential tripping hazards are properly placed is an important measure to maintain a safe environment.


How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company

It is important that you choose a commercial cleaning company that is reliable and secure for your apartment building. Anago of Vancouver’s cleaners all undergo thorough security checks and ongoing training to ensure reliable, professional cleaning services.

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