Why Choose After-Hours Cleaning?

Janitor seen in silhouette cleaning a corridor

Wondering whether you should hire commercial cleaners during opening hours or choose after-hours cleaning? Here are some top benefits of after-hours cleaning services.

Doesn’t Disrupt Your Business

One of the biggest benefits of after-hours cleaning is that it does not disrupt your business at all. You won’t have to worry about restrooms being closed for cleaning when people need to use them, noisy vacuums getting in the way of staff members’ focus, or cleaning teams taking up space and getting in the way of your customers.

Reduced Safety Risk for Your Staff & Guests

When you have cleaning done during business hours, there is inevitably an increased risk of slip/trip-and-fall injuries due to things like wet, slippery floors and cleaning equipment posing a tripping hazard. While a reputable cleaning company like Anago of Vancouver will always put out signs alerting folks of potential hazards, it is still a safer option to have cleaning done when your staff and guests are not on the premises.

More Efficient

Your cleaners can get their jobs done more efficiently if they are working during non-business hours. After hours, cleaning teams don’t have to dodge people working, or wait around for people to be done using conference rooms and other spaces that need cleaning–they can simply go into each area that needs service and clean them methodically, in the most efficient and logical order.

Communications Logs Keep You in the Know

Some people are concerned that if they have their commercial cleaning done after hours, it will be hard to know what is being done each day. That’s why the cleaners at Anago of Vancouver keep meticulous communications logs at every facility they clean. The communications logs let clients know exactly what services have been performed (and on what date), so you can refer to the log if you ever have any questions regarding work that was done when you weren’t present.

If you are interested in after-hours cleaning or any other commercial janitorial services, get in touch with Anago of Vancouver today for your free cleaning quote! We are happy to provide custom cleaning plans that allow you to pick and choose the schedule and services that work for you.


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