A Safety Checklist for Professional Cleaners

Rubber gloved hand cleaning a toilet with a sponge.

Now that many businesses and commercial facilities are able to open their doors again, it is more important than ever to implement thorough and safe cleaning practices. Here is a checklist of safety procedures that your cleaning company should be following in order to ensure the most safety possible for themselves and those using the space they are cleaning.

Cleaning Safety Checklist

Use Non-Toxic Cleaners

Now more than ever, it is important to use non-toxic, green cleaning products. This is because cleaning frequency has been increased for everyone, so we are inevitably using and being exposed to more cleaning products than ever before. Many cleaners contain potentially harmful chemicals, but there are also non-toxic, environmentally friendly options that are just as effective and safer to use.

Wear Gloves

Wear gloves when cleaning, and change them often. If you are about to touch something that is newly cleaned, you should put on fresh gloves before doing so.

Use High Temperatures

Use the highest temperatures appropriate when doing laundry, steaming, or any other cleaning that involves heat. Hotter temperatures are more effective for eliminating germs.

Respect Social Distancing

When possible, cleaners should do their work during off hours when there are not a lot of people at the facility, but in situations where the cleaners must do their job while people are on the premises, it is essential to respect social distancing and remain at least 6 feet away from anyone.

Remote Client Communications

A good cleaning company should have communication strategies in place so that they can communicate easily with their clients without having to meet in person. At Anago, we keep communication logs at each of our sites so that clients can track exactly what has been done, and we also offer a client telephone line available 24/7.

Anago’s cleaners always adhere to strict safety procedures when it comes to cleaning. For the best, safest cleaning job out there, choose Anago!

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