5 Commercial Cleaning Vancouver Tips to Reduce Your Cleaning Costs

Maintaining a clean and healthy commercial space is an absolute must for managers and business owners. While you want to make sure your working environment is as spotless as it can be, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it. To help maximize your profits without cutting back on upkeep, here are the top commercial cleaning Vancouver tips to reduce your cleaning costs.

#1. Use custom cleaning plans

Does your commercial cleaning company offer cost-effective cleaning options? If they don’t, you could be losing out on a great opportunity to save money.
If you are tired of paying too much for commercial cleaning, reach out to Anago. Our franchisees offer affordable cleaning plans, custom tailored to meet your business’s needs. Anago has spent years streamlining cleaning methods and techniques, providing you with the ultimate commercial cleaning solutions at a fraction of the costs of the other cleaners out there.

#2. Hire commercial cleaners with the best equipment

If your commercial cleaners aren’t using top-of-the-line equipment, it could take longer to clean your space, costing you more money.
Why pay more for less? Our team at Anago utilizes the most effective, modern cleaning equipment and technology to give your company the cleaning results you demand in a fraction of the time.

#3. Place mats at your entranceway

Sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how much placing out some mats can cut down on your commercial cleaning bills. Mats are a quick and easy solution that prevent dirt from being tracked in, preventing wear and tear on your carpets and flooring.  For the ultimate in clean commercial spaces, Anago uses all the latest cleaning methods and equipment to keep your floors and carpets spotless.

#4. Avoid impulse buying

It can be easy to get carried away buying cleaning products. But on-the-fly purchasing can cut into your budget, upping your commercial janitorial cleaning costs.
Why spend money on cleaning products and equipment when you don’t have to? At Anago, our franchisees use all the latest eco-friendly, commercial grade cleaning products, saving you money, time, and resources.

#5. Reduce waste

There’s no doubt about it, many businesses generate a lot of waste. And the bigger the mess, the more time it is going to take for your commercial cleaning company to clean it up.
Educate and encourage your employees on how to be less wasteful. You will not only cut corners on cleaning costs but also help the environment.
Saving on your commercial cleaning expenses shouldn’t mean compromising on your cleaning standards. At Anago, our franchisees will give your business unparalleled cleaning without cutting in to your bottom line.


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