Top Cleaning Franchise Company in BC

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Best Cleaning Franchise

Are you looking to buy a cleaning company? An Anago commercial cleaning franchise will give you the
flexibility and support you need to be your own boss. At Anago, we provide ongoing training,
marketing and administration assistance, and a low-cost cleaning franchise option.

Why a Franchise?

Change Your Career

If you are craving a change in your career, it can be difficult to make the transition to something
different. You don’t need previous experience running a business or in the industry to become a
successful Anago franchisee. You just need to be enthusiastic and dedicated in order to run a
cleaning business franchise and come out on top.


Being a franchisee means you’ve got some help in the background. A good franchisor will assist
you with marketing, administration, and finding clients.

Low Cost

One of the main things that attracts people to franchises is the low start-up cost. Starting a
franchise is significantly less costly than starting your own independent business. You can begin
making a profit right away, unlike when you start a new business from scratch.

Be Your Own Boss

A franchise offers flexibility, which is important to fit your already busy life. Running a franchise
means you have agency over exactly what your role will be. You can be very hands-on in the
cleaning aspect of the business if you would like to, or you can set it up so that you delegate
mostly to your team and your role is limited to purely management. The structure of your
position depends on your personal preferences!

Low Risk

Franchises have a low failure rate compared to other business enterprises. A lot of people
dream of starting a business but never do because creating a business from the ground up is so
unlikely to succeed. Buying a franchise allows you to be in charge of running things, while
having the backing of an established company whose business model has already proven
successful, so you don’t have anywhere near the same level of risk as you would venturing into
business all on your own.

Stable, Recession-Proof Industry

There will always be a high demand for commercial cleaners! No matter how much technology
advances, everything will always get dirty and need regular cleaning. It is a smart move to go
into a business that will never become obsolete.

Brand Recognition

A familiar logo goes a long way when someone is choosing which commercial cleaner to hire.
Being a part of an established brand that people already know and trust gives you a major leg

Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise

How to Choose the Best Cleaning Franchise for You

When considering a franchise for sale, read over the contract any franchisor is offering very
carefully to make sure it has your best interests in mind. Look for a franchisor that has a good
reputation both with its franchisees and its customers. You’ll want to pick a franchisor that puts
training and support first.

Best Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Why Anago?

  • Anago provides its franchisees with quality leads, administrative help, and marketing materials.
  • Very affordable option for starting your own franchise.
  • We’ve given thousands of successful entrepreneurs their start through our janitorial franchise opportunities.
  • Anago offers financing programs to help your cleaning business franchise grow.
  • New franchisees will go through an orientation program where they will learn the newest and best cleaning methods.
  • Anago makes sure all of our franchisees are properly insured and bonded.
  • We give you shirts, brochures, and other marketing materials to get you started.
  • Anago has been in the commercial cleaning business for 20 years, so we know a thing or two and we want to share our knowledge with you!
  • Anago has more than 10 programs for franchisees with varying budgets.
  • We want to grow your business and help you succeed, so we offer ongoing education and training opportunities for our franchisees.
  • We have a trusted reputation and loyal customer base already. In addition to establishing our brand as a leader in commercial cleaning, our 20 years of experience also means we’ve spent a lot of time learning how best to support our franchisees and guide them to success. If you are thinking of buying a cleaning franchise, Anago is the best in the biz!

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